Pedigree Database F.A.Q.

Q: How do I use the search function?

A: Click on 'Search' at the bottom of a page. This brings up a form with all the input fields. If you want to search for a certain animal, either type in the registration number or name of the animal in the proper field. Go to the bottom of the search form, click 'View Records' button.

You can also search for an animal in any field by typing in the name or registration number in the box at the bottom and clicking 'View Records'

Search for all animals owned or animals bred by a certain person by typing thier name in the proper field and again click 'View Records'

To search for records that need more data in them, click the button at the bottom of the form 'Needs more info', click 'View Records'.

All fields are search enabled in the same manner as described above.


Q: How do I sort the records?

A: Click 'Search'. Type a * in the search box at the bottom. Choose what field you want to sort by in the dropdown menu and click 'View Records'

Q: How do I edit a record?

A: Click 'Modify'. Do a search for the record you want to modify. If your search brings up more than one record, there will be a button to the left of each record. Click the button next to the record you want to modify. Click 'Modify Record' and it will bring up the record on a form that can be modified. Do any additions to the record and click 'Modify Record'.

Q: Why can't I change the registration number?

A: The registration number is the key field in the database and is the only field users can't change.... If you make a mistake in typing the registration number and submit it, you will need to email me and I will change it on the server. Be sure and tell me what you typed into the registration field and what it should be.