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Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Mrs. Larry F. King
OWNER: Frederic E. Luhring ...

   King-Farm Exquisit's Embassy 

Registration Number: AS1401676
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 2-02-07


URL of Photo: http://

Sire: Willow Run Diesal Skymark AS1349751
Sire's Sire: Windsor-Manor SK diesel AS1317728
Sire's Dam: Willow Run Victor Skyla 1*M AS1340585
Dam: CH King-Farm Capitan Exquisit AS1292088
Dam's Sire: CH *B Companeros Capitan AS1274963
Dam's Dam: GCH King-Farm C. Lita's Essimo 2*M AS1190776

Record: Complete

BREEDER: eewwrrtw
OWNER: toeroter

*B  GCH  Pharme70  *M
uyryttut   rerrteri   ptieuoot


Registration Number: oroptrto
A-I Breeding:  Yes
D.O.B.: tiwtuurr

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URL of Photo:

Sire: Pharme70 yuewrpit
troiireu iywuyire pporpiwe
Sire's Sire: Pharme70 wererotw
Sire's Dam: Pharme70 wtuytwww
Dam: Pharme70 iwwwiwoi
uopouepo oeoetiyw twpiiyte
wywiutey ppooittt
Dam's Sire: Pharme70 eepurutu
Dam's Dam: Pharme70 uweiyruy

Record: Complete

BREEDER: yurtoiop
OWNER: eurorwoy

*B  GCH  Pharmf988  *M
ipoetyyi   owyyiryo   ouitpwow


Registration Number: iuyprywy
A-I Breeding:  Yes
D.O.B.: wwiteuur

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URL of Photo:

Sire: Pharmf988 ipuireye
utwyueuw roywieii pyoteppr
Sire's Sire: Pharmf988 yyoitwrr
Sire's Dam: Pharmf988 reruuurr
Dam: Pharmf988 rpwotpow
yertiwwp uuwreitu oiowurei
oiryipou irwiwouw
Dam's Sire: Pharmf988 eyrpywuo
Dam's Dam: Pharmf988 wtuyrtet

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