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Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Mrs. Claudia Bess
OWNER: ...

++B   La Honda Springs Mr. Bo-K 
AR39   ST42  

Registration Number: N0444006P
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 06-15-1980
G6S Status if tested:


URL of Photo: http://

Sire's Sire: ++B La Honda Springs King Edward N157311
Sire's Dam: La Honda Springs Mina Joya N188110
Dam's Sire: ++B La Honda Springs King Edward N157311
Dam's Dam: La Honda Springs Princess Bo-K N196288

Record: Complete

BREEDER: John A. & Janice E. Bailie
OWNER: John A. & Janice E. Bailie

   Bailie's LP Judy In Disguise 

Registration Number: N0960812
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 2-14-1995
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Brown with black trim, star

URL of Photo:

Sire: Kriscross Lovebranch Patch N0863296 CL44
Sire's Sire: M&J SSR's Stylemaster N0783779
Sire's Dam: Cam's Menagerie HM Sierra N0758785
Dam: A-Hill-Farms Sugar N0892586
Dam's Sire: A-Hill-Farms Buddy N0878225
Dam's Dam: G E Mann's Kathy 1*M N0690798

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Deborah A. Smith
OWNER: Deborah A. Smith ...

   Rimfire's Gypsy's Nala  3*M
AR45     CL45

Registration Number: N0999527
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 3-5-1996
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Gold and white marbled; bald face

URL of Photo:

Sire: *B Victorian-Rose SSH Night-Bird N0984600 CL43
Sire's Sire: *B Amberwood Settin' The Style N0847068
Sire's Dam: Gunstock Creek SR Starling 2*M N0767184
Dam: GCH. Rimfire Gambling Gypsy 2*M N0892332 AR43 CL43,42,41
Dam's Sire: +B Simple-Life-Farm Gambler N0852557
Dam's Dam: Zane Trail DP Xanadu 1 *M N0703971

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Libby Rosen
OWNER: Hill, Ron and Cindy

*B   Chevy Acres PT Houston 

Registration Number: N1083373
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 2-20-1998
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Black with white speckled ears; brown trim

URL of Photo: 

Sire: +*B Kismet KXC Harry S. Truman N0814880 AR43 CL41,39
Sire's Sire: ++*B Amberwood's Frosty Chancellor N0427689
Sire's Dam: GCH Khimaira Hero's Kismet 2*M N0683119
Dam: Chevy-Acres Phoenix 1*M N0854608 AR42 CL42,41,40
Dam's Sire: +*B Kismet KXC Harry S. Truman N0814880
Dam's Dam: Chevy Acres RM Pawnee N0819628

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Jake Zieglar
OWNER: bobbi Zieglar

   Ziggy Acres Spunky Rose 

Registration Number: N0947601
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 3/7/94
G6S Status if tested:

Description: She is a late maturing doe, black with white markings. Well attached udder although I would like to see more capacity

URL of Photo:

Sire: Chery Top Hill Dino N0876856
Sire's Sire: Stonewall Farm JCB Jarret N0773687
Sire's Dam: Cherry Top Hill Tyke N0796466
Dam: Ziggy Acres Ebony Rose N0862776
Dam's Sire: 40 Crossing A Bonzai Ridge N0847096
Dam's Dam: Ziggy Acres Tequila Sunrise N0799847

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Althea Muska
OWNER: Mandi Zieglar

   Hiawatha Cookie II 

Registration Number: AN1007235
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 6/27/95
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Very deep and wide doe, fantastic udder attachment. Level over the rump and an all around great doe. LA 85 ++EV

URL of Photo:

Sire: +*B GCH Winterberry VIP Apache N0794452 42 43
Sire's Sire: ++*B GCH H. Homestead Mark Of Prestige N0703475
Sire's Dam: GCH Winterberry Bonzai A La Mode N0697200
Dam: Hiwatha R.S. Cookie AN0935446
Dam's Sire: Ch Kastdemure's Royal Scoundrel N0765831
Dam's Dam: GCH Hiwatha Oreo AN0834533

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Jane Schalitzky
OWNER: Mandi Zieglar

   Deer Trail 8 KowGirl 

Registration Number: N1058734
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 6/11/97
G6S Status if tested:

Description: A smoothly blended doe with a level rump even as a two year old, High rear attachment, and smooth fore udder. I am hoping that when she matures she will become a deep wide doe.

URL of Photo:

Sire: CH *B Kismet Ryde The 8 Spot N1058734 45,44
Sire's Sire: +*B Kismet CC Ryder N0903429
Sire's Dam: GCH Kismet Kissimee N0903429
Dam: Deer Trail McKelly Girl N0963556 45 45,44
Dam's Sire: +*B GCH Foxwood M&M Mr. McCay N0854766
Dam's Dam: Deer Trail WFZ Kalyko N0905164

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Kenneth Daubenmire & Family
OWNER: Paul L. Kilzer & Family ...

   Blue Valley Marigold 

Registration Number: N0317982
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 4-16-1978
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Dark Grey with white spots

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: Jacq-Land R. W. Wylo N0181134
Sire's Sire: Apple Valley Bell Ringer
Sire's Dam: Iowa Acres Nomad's Winnona 1*M N0159526
Dam: Adena Nan Allison's "Heidi" N0217094
Dam's Sire: Mary Lane Domino N0203480P
Dam's Dam: Adena Jana Nan's Allison N0170256

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Miranda J. Tarr
OWNER: Miranda J. Tarr

   2M AJ's Blaze of Glory 

Registration Number: N1076177
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 3-25-1998
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Two-Tone tan; white splashes on forehead; black markings on feet

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: Ginger's-Glory Adam James N0983392 CL45
Sire's Sire: Ginger's-Glory AI Phoenix Adam
Sire's Dam: GCH Ginger's Glory Frostline Anna 1*M N0771938
Dam: 2M What A Babe N1021299
Dam's Sire: L.B.-Royal Bobby's Barney *B N0929679
Dam's Dam: Smiley's-Mill Bridget N0928887

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Brenda Rusk & Family
OWNER: Brenda Rusk & Family ...

   RW Bo's Karissa 

Registration Number: N1063434
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 3-29-1997
G6S Status if tested:

Description: Brown; black dorsal stripe & on feet; silver ears; white on head

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: The Sum-Lot Royal Bo +B N0835963 ST45CL45
Sire's Sire: Hilt's Daydream Royal Sam Jr. +B
Sire's Dam: Rainbow Ridge Anne N0712738
Dam: RW Jessica N1013832
Dam's Sire: Ginger's-Glory AI Rocco N0941655
Dam's Dam: The RW Chynna 2*M N0832892

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