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Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Christine Michalik
OWNER: Rebecca McGeorge

   CH Lil'l-Cozy-Acre VT Tinkerbell 

Registration Number: AL1068022
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 5/25/97

Description: white.

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: GCH +*B Rockspring DM Virmil Vincent L0960347
sungau w/ white splash on side
Sire's Sire: +*B Rockspring DB Debra Dutchman L0904478
Sire's Dam: Rockspring DM Vogue Vermilion L0809204
Dam: GCH Rockspring Del TroubleTaffeta AL0876873
AR43 CL45,44,43,41
Dam's Sire: Haute Caprine Delta Air L0763878
Dam's Dam: GCH Rockspring Dem Tola Trouble E0572857

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Dustin Davis
OWNER: Patricia Mcgeorge

   Smoki-Meadows Dark Moon 

Registration Number: L1149312
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 3/7/00

Description: black w/ frosted muzzle and ears

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: Sage-Acres SFTS Wizard L1122344
Sire's Sire: South-Fork Thunder's Storm L1096945
Sire's Dam: GCH Sage-Acres Candice 1*M L0832314
Dam: Altrece April L1082060
Dam's Sire: *B Winterwood's S Idyllwind AL0970611
Dam's Dam: Altrece Cinderelly, Cinderelly L1044685

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Brenda Turner
OWNER: Brenda Nelson

  GCH  Double-T-Ranch FTB Very Tricky  3*M
AR46     CL45, 43
DHIR: 4yrs 243 2500 3.8% 95 3.0% 75
305 2940 112 89
LA: 3-02 VVVE FS 88
HES: 4-07 94M, 94DC, 87BC, 90GA FS EX 91.9

Registration Number: L0961275
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 2/11/1995

Description: Sundgau w/white trim.

3/4 view of Tricky at 4 years old
3/4 view of Tricky at four years old

Tricky won the Meadowlark Testing Association award for Milk production, butterfat, and protien in 1999. She also won the ALC Silver Earring Award for 2500# of milk in 243 days.

URL of Photo:

Sire: *B Lucky*Star's Dandy Frenchman L0927781
Sire's Sire: GCH +*B Lucky*Star's Double Your Luck L0859505
Sire's Dam: GCH Lucky*Star's L Dandy 6*M L0858371
Dam: South-Fork DV Tar Baby 2*M L0836209
AR43 CL41
Dam's Sire: ++*B GCH Haute Caprine Double V L0701847
Dam's Dam: Rancho Snowfall Rojo's Honey *M L0775283

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Angela Johnson
OWNER: Angela Johnson

   Pine Hill LaManchas Navarro 

Registration Number: AL1159254
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 4/18/00

Description: Tan tipped gray; dark gray dorsal stripe; white ears, muzzle, belly; dark tail; tan forelock & legs.

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: Winterwood's Blue Chip Stock AL0868708
AR44 CL42, 41, 40
Sire's Sire: Companeros Pierre Dividend L0717978
Sire's Dam: Winterwood's S-O Dreamer AL0762316
Dam: Quixote Margaux AL1128025
Dam's Sire: GCH Quixote Mela's Fidel L0928667
Dam's Dam: Squaw*Mountain Shasta E0575597

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Sheena Williamson
OWNER: Heather Pranter ...

   Shamrock Lucky Charm 

Registration Number: L1118614
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 03/05/99

Description: Black front; white back; black spots on white; gopher ears....pic is under 2000 Specialty Shows: District V: Jr. Res Grand

URL of Photo:

Sire: Pansy MGD L1061295
Sire's Sire: Windstar Custom Design L1039007
Sire's Dam: Pansy DK Mardi Gras L0931457
Dam: The Flying J Vanessa L1054962
Black and White
Dam's Sire: Miscellaneous Sid's Caesar L1023152
Dam's Dam: The Flying J Molly B L1042104

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Rowena D Otipoby
OWNER: Rowena D Otipoby ...

   Little-O-Acres Tumbleweed Tuft 

Registration Number: L1154958
A-I Breeding:  Yes
D.O.B.: 02/27/00

Description: White; dark hairs on tail and rump

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: One*Oak*Hill Tumbleweed Talon AL1100287
Sire's Sire: One*Oak*hill Mac Tumble Weed L0975285
Sire's Dam: Elm*Glen Trubute Tumore AL0894703
Dam: Crazy-Hollow Avalanches Aveena L1006490
Dam's Sire: Haute Caprine Doctor DooLittle L0765139
Dam's Dam: Crazy-Hollow Spaz's Avalanche AL0832270

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Heather Pranter
OWNER: Heather Pranter ...

   Pranter's Acres Oreos-N-Milk 

Registration Number: L1145429
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 02/21/00

Description: Black & white; streaks up sides; tip on tail; white muzzle; gopher ears

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: Pansy DLM Cherokee Chief L1047627
Black and White
Sire's Sire: Pansy DP Medicine Man L0931455
Sire's Dam: Whirlwind Delightful Lady L0929001
Dam: Pansy BDLB Miss Wings L1047633
Black and White
Dam's Sire: The Flying J Lucky Buck L1039054
Dam's Dam: Pansy BBB Beautiful Dreamer L1042101

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Sara & John Fleshner
OWNER: Hicklin Family

*B  CH  Thunder-Road Tombstone 
    CL 44

5-03 86 VVV

Registration Number: L0863499
A-I Breeding:  Yes
D.O.B.: 03/11/92

Description: Tombstone is a very up-hill light red buck. His daughters excel in GA and DC. Two of his daughters have their Championships pending. Tombstone also has a top ten daughter 1*M Paris-Gems Diamond Lil' 1-10 305 3490 4.2 146 3.3 116 Tombstone's dam has 2championship legs and milked 2-11 305 1890 4.7 88 3.4 64.

URL of Photo:

Sire: +*B God's Gift Jet Shroud L0708047
AR 42 CL 34
Sire's Sire: *B Haute Caprine Double Plus Good L0649666
Sire's Dam: 1*M AI Posey Acres TS Vision L0580175
Dam: Antiquity Snowfire L0781543
AR39 CL 44
2-11 305 1890 4.7 88 3.4 64. 8-02 88 EVVV
Dam's Sire: AI +* B Rockspring Pulsar Very Valor L0740858
Dam's Dam: AI Antiquity Star Light L0731945

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Jessica A Aller
OWNER: Jessica A Aller

   Celtic-Knot XL Lady's Mantle 

Registration Number: L1080092
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 03/06/98


URL of Photo:

Sire: Yazz Now You See It Excel L1042317
2-04 88 EVV
Sire's Sire: *B Winterwood's Now You See It AL0934133
Sire's Dam: 2*M Yazz Marjoram L0961966
Dam: 3*M Joyful-Morn TT Trillium L0933179
CL 44
2-00 305 1780 3.7 66 3.1 56 3-03 83 +V++
Cream; White Splashes on Sides
Dam's Sire: AI CH *B Thunder-Road Tombstone L0863499
Dam's Dam: 2*M Thunder-Road Twinkle Lil' Star AL0790549

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Jessica A Aller
OWNER: Jessica A Aller

  GCH  Joyful-Morn YLP Gold Coin  3*M
  ST46   CL 46
One day test.
3-04 91 EEEE

Registration Number: L1001955
A-I Breeding:  Yes
D.O.B.: 03/24/96

Description: Goldie is a very powerful apricot doe. She finished her championship as a 3yr old 2nd freshener.

URL of Photo:

Sire: Yazz Lubbers Picnic L0803056
CL 38
1-01 82 ++V
Sire's Sire: ++*B Coastside Landlubber L0662098
Sire's Dam: GCH 4*M Calico Rock CS Pzazz Piquette L0738795
Dam: Thunder-Road Twinkle Lil' Star AL0790549
AR 42 ST 46 CL 44
5-01 295 1770 4.2 74 3.0 53 7-05 83 V+V+
Dam's Sire: AI +*B Rockspring Rulsar Very Valor L0740858
Dam's Dam: 1*M Windy Ridge Video's Ramona AL0730866

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