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Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Keanu T Dylan Trotter
OWNER: Silvia Shirley

   Oaks Whisper LSMW X-Tra Fancy 

83 ++++

Registration Number: L1407395
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 04/08/2007

Description: Black and Tan

URL of Photo:

Sire: Lucky*Star's Lot Mr. Wonderful L1364700
Black and Tan
Sire's Sire: *B Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill L1290537
Sire's Dam: SGCH Lucky*Star's L Dandy 6*M L0858371
Dam: AI Oaks Whisper WF Wee-One L1365516
Black and Tan
Dam's Sire: SGCH Winterwood's Z Firestorm ++*B AL0931854
Dam's Dam: GCH Lucky*Star's QM Silk 3*M L1257067

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Silvia Shirley
OWNER: Silvia Shirley ...

   Harmony Goats Brown Sugar 

Registration Number: AL1410578
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 03/28/2007

Description: Chamoisee she is very deep and wide her mother scored 86 VV+E as a yearling milker.

URL of Photo: http://

Sire: *B Nickel's Beauregaurd L13381874
Sire's Sire: *B Nickel's Summer Fest L1319012
Sire's Dam: Nickel's Denali 5*M L1270611
Dam: Harmony Goats Turquoise AL1365040
86 VV +E
Peach with White and Dorsal Stripe
Dam's Sire: Cream-of-Kansas' Rouster N L1304441
Dam's Dam: Shangra-Laus Rebajo E1234530

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Silvia Shirley
OWNER: Silvia Shirley ...

   SGCH Harmony Goats Peaches N' Cream  *M
Look on website
Look on Website

Registration Number: GL1364341
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 02/20/2006

Description: Peach with White splashes. She has a socked on udder.

URL of Photo:

Sire: Cream-of-Kansas' Rouster N L1304441
85 +E+
Sire's Sire: Ull-Ka's Rouster L1291838
Sire's Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow KRT November L1210413
Dam: Happytown Trixie GL1315795
81 ++A+
Black and White
Dam's Sire: Cosmic-Caprines Ranger L1220437
Dam's Dam: Unregistered

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Elise Fischer's Happytown Dairy
OWNER: Silvia Shirley

  GCH  Happytown Tyler  *M

84 +E++

Registration Number: E1315798
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 06/12/2004

Description: Dark Chorcoal Frost

URL of Photo:

Sire: Cosmic-Caprines Ranger L1220437
Sire's Sire: Cosmic-Caprines Paraoh L1186132
Sire's Dam: Cosmic-Caprines Nancy L1148398
Dam: Cosmic-Caprines Snowflake E1314650
Dam's Sire: *B Nickel's Rhett Butler L1235372
Dam's Dam: Cosmic-Caprines Tz's Polly E1211066

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Aaron Mattox
OWNER: Silvia Shirley ...

   ANM Caprines Savvy Sebastian 

Registration Number: L1426439
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 4/8/2007

Description: black with some white

URL of Photo:

Sire: Ridgerunner Chip's Famous Amos L1374244
84 +V+
Sire's Sire: AI Little-O-Acres Chipotle L1284698
Sire's Dam: 3*M Nickel's DDL French Lace 89 +EEV L1072206
Dam: Forrest-Pride Twist's Mystery L1324530
black and white
Dam's Sire: +B Royal-Ransom Export Oreo Twist L1139528
Dam's Dam: Forrest-Pride Enforced Magic L1303503

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: Sara A Stewart
OWNER: Silvia Shirley

   Oaks Whisper GV Xenia 

Registration Number: L1412580
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 5/6/2007

Description: sundgau

URL of Photo:

Sire: AI CH *B Lucky*Star's F Grand Vizier L1327358
90 EEE
Togg color and markings
Sire's Sire: SGCH ++*B Winterwood's Z Firestorm AL0931854
Sire's Dam: GCH 5*M Lucky*Star's QM Prismea L1189959
Dam: 2*M Fir Meadow VEC Whistle L1363764
Dam's Sire: *B Lucky*Star's TR Vector L1333882
Dam's Dam: SGCH 1*M 5-K's Melody L1135861

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: lamonactac
OWNER: lamonactac

++*B  CH  riccaboo  9*M
lamonactac   lamonactac   lamonactac

Registration Number: lamonactac
A-I Breeding:  Yes
D.O.B.: lamonactac

Description: altacna

URL of Photo:

Sire: riccaboo lamonactac
lamonactac lamonactac lamonactac
Sire's Sire: riccaboo lamonactac
Sire's Dam: riccaboo lamonactac
Dam: riccaboo lamonactac
lamonactac lamonactac lamonactac
lamonactac lamonactac
Dam's Sire: riccaboo lamonactac
Dam's Dam: riccaboo lamonactac

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: The James R Strong Family
OWNER: Silvia Shirley

   Ober-D'Rainbow KRT November 

Registration Number: L1210413
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 6-5-2000

Description: Peach(just turned this year) with white with gopher ears. she is up on her pasterns and has a lovely udder. she passes herself onto her kids and her grand kids and even her great grand kids.

URL of Photo:

Sire: AI *B Tempo Kurt L1185046
90 VEE
Sire's Sire: ++*B Winterwood's The Medicine Man AL0825501
Sire's Dam: 3*M GCH Tempo Katya L1021073
Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow KLK Mae L1134524
Dam's Sire: AI *B Tempo Kulik L1087161
Dam's Dam: Ober-D'Rainbow Any's Shae L1051129

Record: Needs More Info

BREEDER: ksxxirwnf0
OWNER: ubeimtyt1h

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Registration Number: 198ut65p7x
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 6zq960577y

Description: 4wknyefn807hk 3as3gh0r4 [URL=] 8yxk2wbtp9hikwd [/URL] kh5mht265f

URL of Photo:

Sire: k60jevb8h6 uvatqsgsrn
azcj0qsznl zb22bo4fyt 509uvc91sx
Sire's Sire: n4gqxfkvg3 rcc6s4qmf5
Sire's Dam: bc2yhy7k4h m7u5si4d8u
Dam: qdpihm7ht0 kn16tyievz
x8kl8i597b xaulgyxxt1 x0azav99l7
w8pq1brkua v1hgfd9x3c
Dam's Sire: bac0n89nay iv0mat0wo3
Dam's Dam: f0esw0tqns geqp7rhpcv

Record: Complete

BREEDER: Maribeth Mickey
OWNER: Ashley Capps

   Lunashower SEP Nutmeg 

Registration Number: Pending
A-I Breeding:  No
D.O.B.: 03/10/2008

Description: White

URL of Photo:

Sire: Devonshire JC Sam Elliott L001300184
Sire's Sire: GCH +*B One*Oak*Hill Tweed Conagher L001160196
Sire's Dam: FDF-Pleasant-Fields TJ Jambore L001244552
Dam: Appleberry Cove Pumpkin Spice L001268669
Dam's Sire: Quartz Creek Storm Thunderboom L001109400
Dam's Dam: GCH 1*M Brush-Creek Cinnamon L001104661

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