"Christmas Miracle"


I would like to tell a story around Christmas about 3 years ago. My mother had always raised goats since as far back as I can remember, she had gotten a very big responsibility in helping people that also dealt with goats. One late night around about 2:00 am a friend of hers called and one of their dairy goats was having trouble giving birth. So as you probably have guessed she got me in the car and we headed down to the neighbors to be what ever assistance we could. Sure enough when we got there the mother goat was in trouble!!!!!! My mother knew that if she didn't do something quick we would lose the mother and her kids... She told me to stand back and be prepared to dry the babies off as she removed them one by one from the mother, it had already been around 10 minutes after we had received the call for HELP!! Then all at once she handed me a baby goat , this was only the beginning we weren't out of the woods yet. The baby had drowned in the birth canal. They couldn't do anything but try to save the remaining babies before the same thing happened to them. Me, I had nothing to do but wait for the other babies to get free. Crying and thinking of the lost life I was holding in my hands... me having so much love for animals I couldn't let this be the end for the baby goat, I began giving it mouth to mouth resuscitation and heart thrusts after working on this cold still life for about 2 minutes I succeeded on what I had worked so hard in doing... the baby was bahing and moving in my hands. And I was crying so hard that I probably just about drowned it again. My mother was so astounded that I had worked so hard in saving a life that we thought was gone forever. That little goat took on the name that night of CHRISTMAS MIRACLE and a miracle it was . It just goes to show that no matter how late you might think it is to do something you never know what the outcome will be until you put effort in to at least find the answer... And for me that night it was the best time I had ever used in my life by knowing that I gave something that we thought was lost a whole new chance at life....

Merry Christmas


Printed with permission
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