"Poor Little Meh"


Tonight is December 24, 1998. Three years ago the best pet I ever had was lost forever. She was a little black and white nubian-alpine cross nanny goat. When I got her, I was going to call her Amalthea from the myth about Zeus and how he was hidden from the Titans and had a pet goat named Amalthea who was his best friend. Then I decided she looked like a Lucy. But all she did was stand out on the front porch and scream 'Meh' all the time, so I just called her Meh. Meh never butted or got on cars. She didn't eat tin cans either. But she came in the house everytime the door got left open and she liked to stand on top of the well out in the yard and scream when I wouldn't come out of the house. She thought she was a dog. Now my mama won't let me get another goat and I'm really sad. The end.

Printed with permission
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