Our Brillant Kids
by Sandy Holman


We have never had pets that we have enjoyed as much as our wonderful goats. For many years I had dreamed of having a goat for a pet. January 11, 1997 that dream became a reality. I went to a local goat farm here in Elizabeth City, N.C. to buy one goat. When I arrived there were hundreds of goats, all sizes and colors, jumping and playing. so carefree. The farmer's wife took me out to select a (single) goat. Oh to my delight I would be taking a baby goat home. We then went into the Mmma, baby barn. I squealed with joy, when the door opened and a pair of orphaned twins leaped from their stall. Only two weeks old, orphaned at the age of two days, this adorable pair stole my heart. "I want these I don't have to look any further". So Jesse and Lucy came home with me on this Sunday afternoon, along with formula and bottles. Woops!, I told my husband I would pick out one, oh well " Honey they're twins, can't leave one behind". He loves them as much as I do and spends a lot of time walking and playing with our new loves. It was very cold, we couldn't put them outside yet. So we picked up a large box, lined it with plastic, and called this the nursery. Many hours of love and care went into raising our new pets. The love we have received in return can never be expressed. One evening when I returned home from work, I took Lucy out of the box and said to her "Lucy come help Mama cook supper". She jumped up in a chair by the stove and began to turn the knob on the stove. My mouth dropped, where is the video camera when you need it? I should have my kids tested, sure seem brillant to me! We now have four goats, we went back to the same farm and brought home another pair of twins, Emmie Lou, and Liza Jane. Each goat has their own personality and such a joy. Never have I enjoyed any animal as much I enjoy goats. By the way, Graham Crackers are their favorite, they know which pocket we have them in when we visit the barn. We buy Graham Crackers by the case, the cashier looks at us very strangely when she discovers the crackers are for goats, some people just don't understand.

Sandy Holman

Printed with permission from Sandy Holman
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