Goataholic in the City!


Hi. My name is Karlen. I'm a goat-aholic. (This is where you all say, "Hi Karlen.") I live in the city: Nashville, to be precise. And I have 4 pygmy goats. I started out with one...Someone got him for me as a joke, but he was kinda cute, so I worked hard getting my Syberian Husky (can you say "wolf"?) to like him. After many weeks of "Don't hurt this goat!" training, it started to sink in. Later, I started feeling sorry for the little guy (about the time I couldn't keep him in the house anymore; didn't learn the part about banding until it was too late.) Decided he was lonely; so I got a girl-goat. Now I've spawned herds everywhere. Most live on farms; but not mine. No. No. No. That would be too simple. MY goats are city dwellers... That's right... Just me; the house; the pool; the indoor pets and a fence-full of goats. (Think Ellie Mae Clampett and you've got the picture.)

Well, after the first new baby was born on the premises (Named him Newt; not for the former speaker of the house, but because by now I had figured out how to keep those male goats from stinkin') I came out one morning to a neighbor's kid, peering over my backyard fence. Never having met my neighbors, nor having expected this unexpected visit from what could've been codes for all I knew, I stepped outside my door, clearing my throat and asking, "Excuse me...Can I Help you?" This darling 6 or 7-year-old child looks up with that "hand in the cookie jar" expression and asks, "Lady....What kinda dogs ARE they?"

(If I'd have been REAL quick I'd have not batted an eye and said, "Norweigian Goat-Hound," but I was too tickled to pull it off!)

Now we're the hit of the neighborhood! Opryland is closed, but the petting zoo is alive and well at my place!

Submitted by Karlen
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