"Our Friend Ginny"



I just wanted to tell you all about our goat 'Ginny'. She came to us as an 18 month old because her original owners were forced to move home and didn't have the facilities for keeping her at their new place, They were on the brink of having her destroyed, so I decided to step in and offered to take her from them.

Ginny soon settled in at her new home, teasing the life out of our pet Labrador on a daily basis :-) they became great friends and we would often see them lying side by side in the sun 'dozing', Beauty ( our Labrador ) has even been seen on more than one occasion taking out slices of bread she'd been given and 'sharing' it with Ginny, who readily ate it up. She has very often got my wife running out of the kitchen in a panic shouting "get away from that flower bed you pest" always in a lighthearted manner I hasten to add :-)

Anyway the reason for writing this letter is that on Saturday just gone Ginny suffered a 'stroke' which seemed to affect her left eye and left foreleg, we spent all day Saturday heaping TLC onto her, lifting her so she could 'toilet' herself, hand feeding her, giving her water to try and help her through this. I sat up with her until 4:00am Sunday morning doing this and eventually when she seemed more 'settled' I covered her to keep her warm and went to bed believing in my heart that when I awoke Sunday morning she would be dead. I awoke early Sunday (around 7:00am ) and ran outside to see her, she was still with us.......weak but still alive, Sunday was spent mostly like the previous day heaping more TLC onto her, trying to get her to walk a little to help build up her strength, hand feeding her and giving her water when she wanted it. By 2:00am Monday mornng Ginny looked better than she had for a couple of days, she was still spending most of her time laying down but she looked alert and was making the effort to feed herself at last, I propped hay bales around her to stop her from falling onto her side and went to bed.

This morning I went to take her a whole mess of carrots, cabbage, and her favourite 'Willow' branches.......I looked into her shed and she was dead. Maybe if I had stayed up with her last night I could have helped her...I don't know I guess I'll never know, you'll have to forgive me for sounding sentimental but I've just got through burying her in her favourite place under the willow tree, and to be honest I have tears in my eyes as I write this. She was a much loved member of our family for the last 7 years and has left a great emptiness in our family now she's gone.

We'll miss you Ginny
Jon Cartwright

Printed with permission
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