There we were just the two of us. We had been in a severe automobile accident on a back road on our way home from showing our goat "Fluffy" at a local 4H meeting. I had been sleeting for two hours. My husband had suffered a compound fracture of the left femur. "Fluffy" had been injured as well. When our truck flipped over, one of his horns had been chipped. My left leg had been pinned between the bench seat and the floor. I called for "Fluffy" to come to me. I wrote a note sending for help and attached to "Fluffy's" collar. I told him, "Moshi man voshi" which "Fluffy" knows as meaning to "run for light." "Fluffy" was able to run a mile and a half to bring us help. Had it not been for "Fluffy", my husband would have died and I would have lost my leg. Praise the Lord for goats.

Printed with permission
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