Erin Barker the Boer Goat


I have this boer goat, Erin. She's really cool,and she is not your average goat. Let me tell you how I got her. Well,Phill, a man that works a the vetinarian clinic, brought her to me at school, and EVERYBODY wanted to pet her, and everybody shouted out names to call her. Well, a very good friend of mine said "How about Erin?" I loved the name, and also my brother was dating a girl named Erin, so Login became very popular for naming the "class goat". I took her home,on the bus, and fed her, and put her in a small pen with a lamp over it in the barn. As I was walking away, Erin started "barking"for me. Just a small "Bah, Bah" it was, but it really scared me, and the next day my dad and I went to the vetinarian to see if something was wrong with her. Nothing was, and Erin is fine still today-but she still barks!

Printed with permission from Carrie
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