Summer Camp Goats
Kyle Anderson


Ok..It all started when I got my summer job as a corral assisstant at a summer camp. I got to take care of animals..chickens, ducks, cats, rabbits, a miniture horse..and 20 goats.

Now, goats aren't the easiest creatures on earth to control, and with 20 of them, they can destroy pretty much anything they put their mind to. Well, one day one of the 'head' goats broke the fence in the back of the corral, that conviently looks over a 5 foot cliff, that goes out to a 4 foot ledge, that extends to a 20 foot drop down to the beach. Well, it lead 6 of the other goats off the cliff with it, down onto the ledge.

So, my friend had to crawl down onto the ledge, and literaly throw the goats up to me. Well..we got all of them back up, but after that, it took quite a while for the younger goats to stop bing afraid of every person that came around it(I guess they didn't enjoy being thrown) but eventually, they grew to be very friendly goats, and a few of them even seemed sad when I had to leave this summer(or maybe that was just my imagining things).

Printed with permission from Kyle Anderson
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