Breeding Season
by Terri Green

Fellow Goat Person:

Raising goats properly is serious business. I call us "goat people" because it denotes the commitment a breeder has for their calling.

My son says it brings to mind images of a human with a goat head. We must be, to get inside their brains. The image makes me laugh.

It''s good to laugh, in light of our serious labor. With breeding season upon us, what follows are some thoughts thereon. Here are some opportunities to identify with, and chuckle at ourselves, and our "loving" animals.

It's breeding season. At least my buck thinks so. He looks over at those delectable little girls, just coming of age, and huffs in delight and anticipation.They don't know what all the fuss is about. Yet.

My big does think he's handsome. But I count the five months, come out with the longest, coldest nights of the year, and tell them to wait a couple cycles. That way they can still choose the coldest night of the year - in March.

My neighbor calls, worried about the "animals crying in distress" in my barn. They are not in the same kind of distress she means. Obviously, she is not a goat person.

Ah, breeding season.

When your barn reeks with that infamous cologne, "eau de buck".

When his antics - curled lip, stomp foot, huff huff "I'm all that" - are amusing.

When you suddenly understand where Valentine's Day came up with Cupid's arrow.

When the does lose interest in grain because they have sex on the brain.

When my refined and reticent goat lady friend says her buck is "too sexy for his shoes".

Breeding season.

That short period of time that overlaps weaning and showing.

When this year's crop of overgrown kids are on their knees at the lamb bar -

And their dams are too sex-crazed to think about making milk.

From your barn comes the horrendous noise of the buck, bellowing like a moose; harmonizing with the does' lovesick moans.

If you're a goat person, it's music to your ears.

Speaking of overgrown kids and gorgeous bucks, I've got a few fine youg bucks and does looking for new serious goat person owners. For more info, check out my cybergoat ad under Nubians.

Wishing you all a successful, un-stressful breeding season -

Terri Green, Green Mountains Nubians and Goat Dairy


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