A Story About Bob
(by L. Boeck)


Whenever I see a snorty little pygmy buck, especially a caramel one, I think back to the fall of '95. We had a small grey horse, Shadow, who wanted a companion to share her big pasture with. At the time, we kind of wanted to get a couple "nanny goats" to keep at the farm. So then my dad came home from work one day and told us one of his friends was giving away a free buck that he had for a birthday joke. We accepeted the offer.

So in late August that year, Bob was brought to live on our farm. He was a little yearling, and he was so cute, but he had an incredibly offensive smell, comperable to an army of skunks. For a few months, Bob ran around with the horse.

But after long, Bob put on some weight, and decided that he was a vicious beast. He started herding the poor horse this way and that, controlling her with his little horn scurs and loud snorts. He then turned on us, rubbing his little horns on our legs whenever we came near.

All this time, we were trying to find out what Bob's breed was. After a while, we decided he was a pygmy and we decided to start a herd of pygmies, and Bob could be our herd sire. So in the April of '96, we bought 3 little pygmy does. Since we were a little more educated on pygmies, we decided Bob was too big and had the wrong markings, so we gave him to some fortunate people (ha!), and I heard some time later Bob got in with their milking goats, and caused some trouble.

Well, now we own a big herd (I lost count) of pygmies, plus a new little buck, "Sam." I know Bob was a terrible mistake, but he's the reason we got into pygmies, and for that I thank him.

Printed with permission from L. Boeck
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