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A Very Brief History of the Nubian Dairy Goat in America in timeline form
by Norm Jacobs
Caprifield Farm, Yamhill, Oregon
with thanks to Alice Hall and Mrs. Robert Reinhardt


From the mid 19th century until 1896 both the French and British brought exotic goats from their colonial empires to zoos at home. The details are entirely speculative, but some of these goats or their offspring came into private ownership and came (in Britain) to be called "Nubian" after the fanciful ancient empire of equatorial Africa. There were known imports of Nubians from France to England in 1878 and 1891, and many other exotic goats were purchased off inbound trading ships (who used them for shipboard milk and meat) and found their way into the gene pool of the "common English goat".

1896 Jumna Pari goats imported into England specifically for breeding purposes. Nubian-type goats are imported to America from England but no records are kept.

1904-1910 A group of breeders begins to develop the "Anglo-Nubian" using deliberately imported bucks of Zaraibi (African), Chitral (Indian) and other equatorial nubian-types.

1910-11 The "Nubian" breed is recognized, a herdbook begun with 459 animals, and a breed standard established. In the next two years 61 more animals are allowed to be considered as foundation stock.

1909-1913 Mr. J.R. Gregg imports a total of five Anglo Nubians to California, establishing a registered breeding program that produced 40 registered Nubians by 1917.

1917-1921 The first importation of Anglo Nubians from England into Canada by Major D.C. Mowat establishes a registered breeding program there. Offspring are imported into the US including the doe Spring Beauty Anderson, the first Nubian doe in America to qualify for an AR (star milker status) in 1924. American purchases of Canadian imported and bred Anglo-Nubians continued to have a great impact on Nubians in the US until the late 1940's.

1924-1930 Rapid progress in the Nubian breed in Canada continues with the development of the Shirley herd of Mr & Mrs H.G. Monson in British Columbia, the first herd whose milkers consistently produce over 2,000 lbs of milk in a lactation. Does from the Shirley herd are imported into the US to the Imperial herd (Nebraska) and Wheelbarrow Hill (Pennsylvania). Imperial produces the great sire Creamy's Lad, one of the first Nubian \herdsires to earn an A.R. and the cornerstone of the Oakwoods herd. The Wheelbarrow Hill herd of Emma Trego Fell breeds the milky "Shirley" line to the showy animals such as the doe Malpas Merridew which she imported from Britain herself.

1932-1943 The Oakwoods herd is begun by Mrs. V.E.Thompson in Missouri and moved to California where it is crossed with descendants of the original US (1913) imports with spectacular results. Animals from Wheelbarrow Hill also are bought to California. In the meantime rapid progress is being made elsewhere in the country as more British and some Canadian imports arrive up until the eve of world war II. Of particular impact are the Chikaming herd of Mr./Mrs. Carl Sandburg (yes, the poet) which was founded in Michigan and moved to North Carolina, and the Cape May herd of Mrs.Elizabeth Buch in New Jersey. Both made extensive use of Oakwoods, Shirley, and Wheelbarrow Hill breeding.

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This article is the timeline of Nubians and history pertaining to them. If you have some fun facts to add to this please send information by clicking here.

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