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NubianTalk Contributions Funded This Site!


A big thanks to our contributors!

Sarah Houck-Dark Star Farm (herd name pending)/Murphy, NC
Betty & Sherry Longman - Longman's Nubians/Cave Junction, OR
Robin Nichols - Proverbial Caprines/Ashland, Missouri
Janice Hiller - Anointed Nubians/Bosler, WY
Elisa Presley -
B*J*F'S & Childers Dairy Goats /Greenbrier, AR
Donna Palmer - Crown Hill Nubians/ Central Point, OR
Christy Scheufele-
Koinonia Nubians/Monument, OR
Noah & Sue Goddard -
Goddard Farm/Lecompton, KS
Deb Smith -
Rimfire Farm/Big Prairie, OH
Barbara Hampton -
RockCreek Nubians / Duncan, OK
Patricia Watkins -
PW & DB -Wildheaven Nubians/Philadelphia, TN
Priscilla Rose - Abel Lakes Dairy Goats/Fredericksburg, VA
Jan Bailie - Bailie's Nubians/ Crestview, FL
Dween Muse - MuseMark/McComb, MS
Mary Ann Kilzer - Poverty Knob Nubians/Millfield, OH
Kelley Nielsen- Here Be Goats Nubians/Gainesville, FL
The Hickman Family - Creme-O-Crop Nubians/Windsor, IL
Sharon Gibson -/New Albany, IN
Suzanne Nee - Apollonia Farms/Central Point, OR
Cindy Edwards
- Royal Heir Farm/Merom, IN
Judy Enstrom - /Shelburn, IN
Deborah Emholtz - Jacob's Pride/Marana, AZ
Sandy Myers - Myers Creek /Madera, CA
Judy Muska - Lazy J/Schulenburg, TX
Mary Ann Kilzer-/Millfield. OH
Kimberly Banks - /Nokesville, VA
Linda Sexton - Buffalo Ridge Farm/Summertown, TN
Sarah Shaver - Boulder Creek Goats/Boulder Creek, CA
Sandra Mauerhan - The Rocking M Ranch/Barksdale, TX
Jean Baugh - Old*Glory Nubians*Boers & Anatolians /Old Glory, TX
Janet M. Jetton - Balingary Farm/Fayetteville, TN
Paula Deel -Sweet Rock /Newberry Springs, CA
Amber Jordan -Jordan Valley Farm/Newberry, FL
Janet Alberts - Blue Cedars Dairy Goats/Roosevelt, Utah
Janet Ford - Northwoods/Irons, MI
Ann Fisher- / Dayton, PA
Dagny Vidinsh - Dagron Farm/Georgetown, Ontario

Lelia Berry - /Potter Valey, CA
Jessica Kohler-Crowe/Wild Hearts Dairy Goats/ Gilroy, CA
Patricia Velahos - Victory Acres/Mickleton, NJ
Virginia Baker-/ Butler, MO
Shirley Chapman-Heritage Song Nubians/Glasco, KS
Bererly Goldthwaite-/ Longmont, CO

If you are a NubianTalk member and want to join in and help fund the work on this site, your contributions can be sent to:

(Please make checks payableto DTP, INK)
NubianTalk Website
c/o DTP, Ink
PO Box 5039
Central Point, OR 97502

Let's make this site "THE NUBIAN SITE" on the web!

NubianTalk Contributions Funded This Site!

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