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 Cactus*Point Valentina

Val freshened with a very milky udder this year! She is a very feminine doe, dairy, long and level with a lot of breed character! We are excited to see this one freshen again, as she has been a very slow maturing doe.




Val in June 2002, 12 hours milk.



SSSS:CH*B Patch-Quilt Farms D. Dodger
SSS:Old*Glory Glory Hallelujah (two GCH legs)
SSSD:CH Dayspring Glory
SS:Cactus*Point Jesse James (one GCH leg)
SSDS:Dayspring Blue Boy
SSD:GCH Wall-Street B Malia Luna 1*M
SSDD:Royal-Cedars Noelani Malia
SIRE: Cactus*Point Blazin Guns
SDSS:Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
SDS:Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
SDSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
SD: Old*Glory Golden Blaze
SDDS:GCH ++B Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane
SDD:Crown*Point Blazin Gilda 
SDDD:Crown*Point Bel B De Buttercup

DSSS:++*B Amberwood's Frosty Chancellor
DSS:*B GCH Rio Del Oro's Dandy Lion
DSSD:GCH Scatterberry's Magnolia C.S. 4*M
DS: *B Patch Quilt Farms D. Dodger
DSDS:GCH +*B R & J Beau Jangles
DSD:GCH Unicorn Farms Patches 4*M FS91/EEEE 6-02 National GCH
DSDD:Heterozygoats Panache 3*M
DAM: Old*Glory Blue Rosette
DDSS:GCH++B Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane
DDS:*B Crown*Point Mama's Boy
DDSD:GCH Rio Del Oro's Mountain Mama 3*M (90' Res. National Grand Champion)
DD:Dayspring MB Blue Bonnett
DDDS:GCH ++*B Rio Del Oro's Dandy-Lion
DDD:Crown*Point ZDG Moody Blue 4*M
DDDD:GCH Soncare Gabriel 3*M (91' National Grand Champion)

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