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Sky is a nice doe, she is tall, wide and shows great promise as a milker. As with all the Justin daughters, she has very close set teats, so we are anticipating yet another great mammary from this daughter! We did show Sky some this year, and not too many of the judges liked her.She placed in the middle of the classes. She has been a slow maturing doe, so her day in the ring will be a little longer in coming!



Sky in June 2002 as a dry yearling

SSSS:Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
SSS:Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
SSSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
SS:Crown Hill Justin Quint
SSDS:1st Choice Command Performance
SSD:1st Choice Ember Glow
SSDD:Bolt Mountain Twinkle Toes 4*M
SIRE:Crown Hill Justin Udder Buck
SDSS:CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
SDS:Crown Hill Command Alliance
SDSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Willow FS86/VV++ 2-03 Almost Dry 40 rear udder
SD:Crown-Hill AD Anya
SDDS:Fra-Jac's J & T Top Gun FS89/EVV 4-04 (2 GCH legs)
SDD:Crown Hill TGS Sky Dreamer (1 GCH leg)
SDDD:Crown Hill Spice of Life

DSS: Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
DS: Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
DSD: CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
DAM: Old*Glory Golden Blaze
DDS: GCH ++B Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane
DD:Crown*Point Blazin Gilda 
DDD: Crown*Point Bel B De Buttercup

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