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The Osborne Family Picture Gallery Continued.........



Dustin in his first Football uniform. His team made it clear to the playoffs this year!


Bradley at nine months, he is getting so big!!!

Jessika and her new horse, Buddy. Her other horse was getting too old to ride, so Grandma and Grandpa bought this one. Jess loves to ride Buddy and he is teaching her all sorts of good things!

YIKES!! I went to bed with no hair and a little Rogaine, and I woke up looking like this!!!!  ( Halloween, 2002)



Look at me!! I can crawl now!!! I am a big, big boy these days!!!


Dwight and a big stand order for Christmas 2001!


Our baseball team from 2002. This is the sixth year for coaching the boys team, and something we really enjoy doing in our "spare" time!!! Dwight is also active in coaching Football and basketball.

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