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And here he is at six month old and his first professional pictures!! Bradley David, born Jan 9, 2002. 8lbs, 10 oz and 21 " long!

This was Bradley the day he was born, an emergency trip to the Neonatal ICU at Kadlec Medical Center in Richland, WA. It was a very scary time, some problems along the way, a surgery, and now, a very healthy baby boy!!


This was Bradley's very favorite postition in life and still is. He was a quick learner on the computer!

This is a four generation picture, and Bradley's first road trip to Vancouver, WA in Feb 2002. The gentleman on the right is Michelle's Grandfather, Paul, and one of her very favorite people . The trip was to introduce Bradley to Great Grandfather. Of course, by now, we all know, the gentleman and the left is Santa Grandpa, Michelle's Dad!!

On the same road trip, Bradley met "Aunt" Dena Steinbacher. We went to the annual Oregon City Goat Seminar, held for all of us goat enthusiasts there! Auntie Dena is one of our kids' favorite people in the world!!


Big Sister watching her brother. She loves to help!

Jessika with her doeling, Daisy.


Dustin helping to watch his brother. He is a very good babysitter!!

Dena trying to coax Caleb up the ramp Dwight built while we were at a show in Boise, ID. Caleb didn't want to go, and I was laughing VERY hard at Dena trying to wrestle the big guy up the ramp. When I finally quit laughing and taking pictures and went to help, he walked right up the ramp just like he owned it!! Another successful invention!

Bradley loves his tongue, and on this day, the WHOLE family got in on the action!!

Our daughter loves to have tea parties!! We invited the neighbor kids and had a good time! The boys weren't real happy about having to sit through high tea, but we made them anyway! It was fun had by all and a lot of laughs when children are trying to act grown up. As you can see by the picture, my daughter was leading the pack in acting like a goof!!

This right here is a true Goat Kid!! He much prefers sucking on a lamb bar nipple than a binky!!

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