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The Osborne Family Picture Gallery  

Welcome to our picture gallery!! We have added this page to share part of our lives with you. These are not goat related type pictures, but of us as a family and things that we enjoy. We have our two children, Dustin and Jessika, and one on the way, Bradley David, to be making his appearrance in January 2002!! Besides our goats and our business, Dwight and I have coached baseball for many years and really enjoy it. We also both love to garden and landscape. The kids are not too into our goats, but do enjoy going to shows with us and help with chores throughout the year!! Jessika is a fabulous midwife helper when kidding time rolls around!! They both are active in gymanastics, along with Jessika riding , and Dustin being involved in basketball and baseball. We have a busy and fullfilling lifestyle that keeps us moving all year around!!! Please feel free to come back and visit, as we will be adding pictures frequently to this page!!

My 2001 Halloween Spooks!! My son, Dustin the skeleton, my nephew Gavin the lion, and my daughter, Jessika the hippie!!!


Michelle's gardening retreat in early Springtime. This is just a corner of it!!

Dwight hard at work in his shop!!

Our daughter on her barrel racing horse, Shady. Jessika is a great horse fan, and she loves to ride Shady at any time!!! Jessika is learning how to barrel race from Dwights Mom, Ilene. (Shady also belongs to Grandma, but Jess claims her as her own!!!)


 My Nephew, Gavin, having his first sink bath at Aunties house, isn't he a cutie!!!!


Nephew Gavin again, and Michelle's Brother, David who is a big help to us around here!! We all love "Uncle Bubba"!!!


This is Dustin's Pet, Blade the snake. He is much easier than goats, but not near as much fun!!!

(Blade is a California King Snake)

Dustin doing some homework!

Naughty, Naughty Santa!!!

Santa is really Michelle's Dad, Karl, who does this professionally, along with his own house design business!!! The kids think that having "Santa" as a Grandpa is pretty neat!!!


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