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Cactus*Point Just a Kiss

Kiss is a very nice doeling that combines everything into a nice package. She is a very slow maturing doe, but is getting better by the day! She was bred by mistake this year , but did freshen with a lovely mammary, just not much of it!!! She was well attached, smooth in the fore, wonderful teat placement, and good medial. This one might be a real " sneaker" !!!



Kiss as a yearling, dry



SSSS:Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
SSS:Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
SSSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
SS:Crown Hill Justin Quint
SSDS:1st Choice Command Performance
SSD:1st Choice Ember Glow
SSDD:Bolt Mountain Twinkle Toes 4*M
SIRE:Crown Hill Justin Udder Buck
SDSS:CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
SDS:Crown Hill Command Alliance
SDSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Willow FS86/VV++ 2-03 Almost Dry 40 rear udder
SD:Crown-Hill AD Anya
SDDS:Fra-Jac's J & T Top Gun FS89/EVV 4-04 (2 GCH legs)
SDD:Crown Hill TGS Sky Dreamer (1 GCH leg)
SDDD:Crown Hill Spice of Life

DSSS:GCH++*B Rio Del Oro's Dandy Lion
DSS:CH*B Patch-Quilt Farms D. Dodger
DSSD:GCH Unicorn Farms Patches 4*M (92' National Champion)
DS:Old*Glory Glory Hallelujah
DSDS:+*B Price O The Field Luke
DSD:CH Dayspring Glory
DSDD:CH Dayspring Grace
DAM:Cactus*Point Glory Hallaluna
DDSS:*B Crown*Point Mama's Boy
DDS:Dayspring Blue Boy
DDSD:CH Dayspring Glory
DD:GCH Wall-Street B Malia Luna 1*M
DDDS:GCH++*B Crown*Point Lord Chancellor
DDD:Royal-Cedars Noelani Malia
DDDD:Royal-Cedars Nelina Noelani


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