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Cactus*Point Jesse James

Jesse James, affectionately known here as "Booger", is a very wide and correct buck. When shaved up he is very sharp and angular, long bodied, wide, level, and open in the ribs. He is throwing a very consistent, stylish type of kid, and his milking daughters are proving to be very worthwhile!! Booger also has a very docile personality, which is being passed to his offspring. Unfortunately, Booger was hurt badly as a two year old, and can no longer be shown, as his leg is lame. He easily earned one GCH leg as a two year old at his first and only show before the accident, so we know the genetics are shining through!!! Booger has left for other greener pastures where he will be used more, so is no longer with us. His genetics will continue on through his daughters and sons.


Jesse at two years old.

SSS:GCH++*B Rio Del Oro's Dandy Lion
SS:*B Patch Quilt Farms D. Dodger
SSD:GCH Unicorn Farms Patches 4*M (92' National Champion)
SIRE:Old*Glory Glory Hallelujah
SDS: +*B Price O The Field Luke
SD: CH Dayspring Glory
SDD: CH Dayspring Grace

DSS:*B Crown*Point Mama's Boy
DS:Dayspring Blue Boy
DSD:CH Dayspring Glory
DAM:GCH Wall-Street B Malia Luna 1*M
DDS: GCH ++*B Crown*Point Lord Chancellor
DD:Royal-Cedars Noelani Malia
DDD:Royal-Cedars Nelina Noelani 3*M

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