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Cactus*Point Justin Udder Doll

Doll is a very all around correct type doe like her Dam, Geisha. Geisha had an absolutely beautiful mammary, which has carried on through her daughter. Doll is angular, dairy, feminine, and has beautiful breed character. She is also level and has a nice strong set of feet and legs. We are excited to see her freshen again, she only went to one show this year, and was second only to her herdmate, Calyps"O". We feel this doe shows a lot of promise for the future!


KIDS: $350

Doll at one year old, 12hours milk, not cooporating

Doll Rear Udder, 12hours milk. First freshening yearling.

SSSS:Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
SSS:Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
SSSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
SS:Crown Hill Justin Quint
SSDS:1st Choice Command Performance
SSD:1st Choice Ember Glow
SSDD:Bolt Mountain Twinkle Toes 4*M
SIRE:Crown Hill Justin Udder Buck
SDSS:CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
SDS:Crown Hill Command Alliance
SDSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Willow FS86/VV++ 2-03 Almost Dry 40 rear udder
SD:Crown-Hill AD Anya
SDDS:Fra-Jac's J & T Top Gun FS89/EVV 4-04 (2 GCH legs)
SDD:Crown Hill TGS Sky Dreamer (1 GCH leg)
SDDD:Crown Hill Spice of Life

DSSS:*B GCH Rio Del Oro's Dandy Lion
DSS:*B Patch Quilt Farms D. Dodger
DSSD:GCH Unicorn Farms Patches 4*M FS91/EEEE 6-02 National GCH
DS:Old*Glory Double Dandy Impact
DSDS:*B GCH Rio Del Oro's Dandy Lion
DSD:Epic Nero's Dandy Gilda (HES 11 CODE 1'S 92 mammary)
DSDD:Sly Park's Gretchen *M 8-03 83/+VVV
DAM: Crown Hill Geisha
DDSS:Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
DDS: Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
DDSD:CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
DD: Crown Hill MI Ayisha
DDDS:Crown Hill DBI Isak Blaise
DDD: Crown Hill IS ISHA (Litter sister to Vaasha)
DDDD:CH Crown Hill CCC Nightshade

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