The barn caddy is a very handy item that I wouldn't be without!! It frees up your hands for all those jobs that you need all the hands you can get (worming, kidding, vaccinations). I use mine in all my kidding stalls, and also have them on all my kid pens outside. These are very light and portable so you can carry it from pen to pen if you only have one! Dwight also started making these in a smaller version with a deeper lip, so I could use them for mineral feeders. The mineral is eaten better by our animals when they aren't soiling a big bunch of it. These we fill every week, and it doesn't seem to get as nasty in as short of time. One I use for baking soda, the other for selenium salt. They are also small enough that the little kids don't bother standing in their mineral as much!!! We have also made other versions of this pan, so if you have a special request for size, let us know!!! My favorite one is 2 ft long, by 3" wide, by 2" deep! I feed the little kids their grain with this one and they can't stand in it !!!!

Large barn caddy is approximately 11 1\2" x12".

Large barn caddy

Small barn caddy being used for soda and mineral.

Small caddy is approximately 6" x 6" .


Small barn caddy from the side.



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