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Old*Glory Golden Blaze

Blaze is another favorite doe of ours, she is a strong doe without being coarse. She has an incredible mammary when in full milk, and milks with upwards of 5-6 lbs a milking. She also was hit with the masitis two years ago ,and had a bout with milk fever this year, so unfortunately didn't show as well as in her past years. We took her to two shows, where she placed in the the top five in large classes, and also had a first placing. She has dried up nicely and we think she will have a full comeback this season, being an aged doe!! We don't have any pictures of Blaze as a milking four year old unfortunately, but she has really matured this last year, becoming deeper bodied, wider, with a beautiful extending brisket. We think that she is a strong brood doe and love her kids.



Blaze, Left, as a second freshening two year old, twelve hours milk.
Blaze, Right, as a first freshening yearling.

SSS: +*B GCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser FS90/EEV 5-06
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SSD: Crown Hill TGS Sky Dreamer
SIRE: Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
SDS: +*B GCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser FS90/EEV 5-06
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DS: GCH ++B Wingwood Farm Blazin Tamerlane 
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DDD: Pittmanor's TMP Agate 1*M

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