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Kastdemur's Audacious

Audacious is a wonderful addition to our herd this year. Our genetics were getting too close, so we decided to find a herd that had animals with a proven genetic base of excellence, that we really admired, and that has been proven to cross well with our genetics. Kastdemur's was at the top of the list, and with a little luck and a lot of want, Audacious came to be one of our new Junior Herdsires. We want to add a personal thank you to Karen Senn for giving us the opportunity to own Audacious, she has been a world of help to us, and is a very giving and wonderful person! We can't say enough good things about this boy, he is very correct, very dairy, has a long, flat bone pattern and is feminine, but wide and masculine at the same time. He has a beautiful head and ears, is very wide in his rear leg set with a very snugly attached scrotum, and when he isn't trying to romance all the girls, is a very level and upstanding buck, with a nice set of feet and legs. His genetic background speaks for itself: Crown Finale, his Maternal Grandam, was a National Grand Champion in 1999 with Best Udder, Aubree, his Dam, was National Grand Champion in 2001 with Best Udder, and Res National Grand Champion in 2002 with Best Udder. Throughout his pedigree are many Grand Champion animals. Unfortunately, Audacious refuses to cooporate with the camera, so we do not have a good picture of him to share at this time. In the Spring, when he has a new haircut, we will get some good pictures of him to share. In the meantime, we will let his family do the speaking for him! Audacious is a jet black buck with white frosted ears, white splash up his right side and white trim.

GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale 2*, Maternal Grand Dam

GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*M, Dam



Kastdemur's Audacity, Full Littermate Sister


SSSS:++*B Brown Sugar's Trademark
SSS:GCH++*B H. Homestead Mark of Prestige EX92
SSSD:GCH H. Homestead Sun Tiara 7*M EX91
SS:GCH+*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison EX91
SSDS:++*B Ker-A-Tin Acres Royal Majesty
SSD:GCH Kastdemur's Royal Romance 2*M EX90
SSDD:Kastdemur's Apache Feather 1*M
SIRE:*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service EX91
SDSS:*B Linkville Royal Tradition
SDS:*B Kastdemur's Hard Copy
SDSD:Kastdemur's Royal Scandal 2*M EX90
SD:GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey 3*M
SDDS:*B Fra-Jac's Star Wars
SDD:GCH Kastdemur's SWA Kelsey 2*M EX90
SDDD:GCH Kastdemur's EP Ashley 1*M EX90

DSSS:*B Caravelle's Exacta
DSS:++*B Kastdemur's E.T. Example
DSSD:GCH Kastdemur's Royal Treat 1*M VG89
DS:*B High-Tor E-Ticket
DSDS:*B High-Tor Carrera RT
DSD:High-Tor Carrera's Julia 5*M
DAM:GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*M VG88
DDSS:++*B Ker-Tin-Acres Royal Majesty
DDS:++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador EX90
DDSD:GCH Brown Sugar's Chardonnay 5*M EX91
DD:GCH Kastdemur's Crown Finale 2*M VG89
DDDS:++*B Kastdemur's E.T. Example
DDD:GCH Kastdemur's EP Ashley 1*M EX90
DDDD: Kastdemur's Royal Prelude

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