Crown Hill Nubian Dairy Goats

Crown Hill KQK Quasenia



And half a haircut later.....
1st freshening Quasi wants to know "What happened??"

Suppose she's looking for the person with the clippers?!?



Quasi as a first freshener....

Quasi is a big, powerful doe that we are very pleased with! One of our first Quint daughters to freshen, she is showing improvement in overall attachment and teat delineation and placement over her dam.

2nd freshener

Quasi as a second freshener.... just a few days fresh....

SSSS: +*B GCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser FS90/EEV 5-06
SSS: Crown Hill DBD Dream Machine
SSSD: Crown Hill TGS Sky Dreamer
SS: Crown Hill FML Trail Mix
SSDS: +*B GCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser FS90/EEV 5-06
SSD: CH Crown Hill ATM Laurel
SSDD: Zairobi Pharoah's Madrone
SIRE: Crown Hill Justin Quint
SDSS: CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
SDS: 1st Choice Command Performance
SDSD: GCH Goats 'R' Us Proudy Pearl
SD: 1st Choice Ember Glow
SDDS: GCH Nestucca Oaks Camaleto Supreme
SDD: Bolt Mountain Twinkle Toes 4*M
SDDD: Goats 'R' Us Patches Twinky

DSSS: +*B Fra-Jac's A.G. Tyrone
DSS: Fra-Jac's J & T Top Gun FS89/EVV 4-04 2 GCH legs
DSSD: Nestucca Jana Perl BBK 2*M FS85/85/86/84/86 (1st freshener)
DS: CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
DSDS: Monami Sudan FS86/VVV 1-03
DSD: Crown Hill Spice of Life
DSDD: Dulcinea Farm's Lady's Odette 7*m FS86/+VEV 6-02 (almost dry)
DAM: Crown Hill FCS Kasenia AI
DDSS:Zairobi Notorious
DDS:Sure Hits AMN Master Plan
DDSD:CH Sure Hits Miranda Blaise FS90
DD: Crown Hill CMI Seralinda
DDDS: *B Linksville ZSS Eli Williams
DDD: Crown Hill Gineli Z *M
DDDD: Crown Hill Gingersnap

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