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Troy & Donna Palmer


Welcome to the online herd brochure for Crown Hill Nubian Dairy Goats! In our animals pedigrees you will find 'Marvin', 'Super Buck', Conquest', 'Dandy Lion', 'Chancellor', 'Justin', 'BBK', 'Trailblaiser' and other well known bucks! Using animals from Nestucca Oaks, Fra-Jac's, Monami, Dear Hearts, Old Glory and other top herds in the country has enhanced our gene pool! We also use artificial insemination to add genetics to our herd.

Our small farm is located at the top of Crown Hill in southern Oregon just north of Central Point! Yes, we were a bit lazy when we picked a herd name but it turned out to be fitting for the regal Nubians that live here!

This is truly a family farm... Troy is the fixer upper, animal feeder, tractor driver, landscaper, gardener and baby goat spoiler! Grandma Palmer was the shining light in our house for many years until she passed away in June of 2002 at 88 years old just 2 months short of her 89th birthday. We sure do miss her sense of humor and wit around here. I am in charge of breeding, animal health care, delivering babies, milking, hoof trimming, shipping and the many other things directly relating to the animals.

The drawing below was done when our youngest daughter was a toddler.... She's grown now and we really miss her help... Time flies and just leaves some of us sitting here! She now has a daughter of her own, Anne Marie, who was born on Grandma Palmer's 88th birthday on 8-14-01. In March of 2003, Anne Marie got a brother to love and Dylan Hunter wormed his way into our hearts. And then along came Adrianna and Alana!

Our other up and coming herdsperson (we thought!) lives in Nevada and is also a Mom now with 4 children we don't see often enough! We now have 8 grandchildren! I'm finally getting the hang of this Grandmother thing... I think!

Looks like we will be doing some scaling back on the number of animals in our herd in the near future! Now that you've met us, we'd love for you to meet our Nubians! The links at the bottom of the page will take you to our barn!


Visit our daughter and her GCH market
wether from her first year in 4-H....

And her children a generation later!!

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