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I put 4 of the 2 day old kids in the pen with her and she's soooo insulted!! (Keep in mind when she was born she could have walked UNDER these 4 babies!) She avoids them like the plague and it about killed her to have to walk near one to come to the pen door for her bottle! Grit your teeth, close your eyes and run for it! And then to top off her insult, one had the audacity to TOUCH her while she was drinking her bottle! ROFL!! She just cringed and kept on sucking! Priorities you know!! <G>

I weighed her today and she's 18 lbs 7 oz now at 39 days old... So she's gained 15 lbs 3 oz since she was unceremoniously plopped out 18 days early! At birth weight plus 10 lbs a month average expected gain, I'd say she's doing great!



Oh, dear... they are getting closer!! GASP!!

Sneaking up on Driplet!! (2 day old Snippet dtr)

So what's got her in such a snit??! (2 day old Reisa son)

Whew.... Got by that one!!

Maybe 'Souris' can tell me how to get rid of them!!?

Lotta help she was!! I think one's trying to go in my house!!!

This is sooooooo depressing!!!!

Guess if I'm stuck with company I'll just make the best of it!! But they are so scary!!
Maybe if I keep the bucket between us IT won't touch me!


And the grand middle of the story is that Driplet and Mikayla found each other!
Definitely a match made in heaven!

7-05 Driplet and Mikayla's first RGCH rosette together!




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