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Crown Hill Command Alliance

Alliance has produced some of the most consistant daughters we have ever seen! And, yes, he was proud of himself! This is the buck that didn't want to get his face nasty during rut... He was afraid we wouldn't scratch his chin if he was icky! He had the best temperament of any buck we have ever owned and was like a VERY large puppy! We miss him a lot and are thankful to have daughters still in the herd. It sure won't stop us from looking in the barn for those big gentle eyes asking for attention...


Alliance at 4

Alliance & I were having a "heart to heart" talk when this picture was taken by friends, Michelle & Dwight Osborne. Alliance at 6, shortly before he left us for 'greener pastures'.He had white muscle several years earlier and we fought it the rest of his life. At the time of this photo, he was already 60 lbs. 'smaller' than his former self.

SSS: +*B Fra_Jac's A.G. Tyrone
SS:+*B Fra-Jac's J & T Top Gun FS89/EVV 4-04 (2GCH Legs)
SSD: 2*M Nestucca Jana Pearl BBK FS85/85 86 84 86 (First Freshener)
SIRE: CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
SDS: Monami Sudan FS86/VVV 1-03
SD: Crown Hill Spice of Life
SDD: 7*M Dulcinea Farm's Lady's Odette FS86/+VEV 6-02 (Almost Dry)
Crown Hill Command Alliance
DSS: ++*B C/F Blaise
DS: +*B GCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser FS90/EEV 5-06
DSD: Wee 3 R January's Frosted Song *M FS87/VEEV 1-08
DAM: CH Crown Hill ATM Willow FS86/VV++ 2-03 Almost Dry 40 rear udder
DDS: *B New Era's Delight's Pharoah
DD: Zairobi Pharoah's Madrone
DDD: Goat's 'R' Us Isis's Parfait *M FS87/V+VV 2-04


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