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Crown Hill "IS" Vaasha
Vaasha is a very stylish doe with a "look at me" attitude. She has a socked on udder and is an excellent milker like her dam Nightshade.


Vaasha at 2 years

Vaasha at 3 years (12 hours milk)

SSS: +*B C/F Blaise
SS: +*B GCH E-B Brown's XJB Trailblaiser FS90/EEV 5-06
SSD: *M Wee 3 R January's Frosted Song FS87/VEVV 1-08
SIRE: Crown Hill DBI Isak Blaise
SDS: *B Linkville Zss Eli William
SD: Crown Hill Gineli Z (one GCH leg) Dam of Seralinda
SDD: Crown Hill Gingersnap
DSS: Fra-Jac's J & T Top Gun FS89/EVV 4-04 2 GCH legs
DS: CH Crown Hill TGS Sky Command
DSD: Crown Hill Spice of Life
Dam: CH Crown Hill CCC Nightshade
DDS: Dear Heart's Gigilo
DD: Dear Heart's "G" Fortune Cookie
DDD: Dear Heart's FM Sugar Cookie


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